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Find out more about VELUX® roof-window loft conversions


How much does a VELUX® roof-window loft conversion cost?

A VELUX roof-window loft conversion costs between £20,000 - £30,000 but there are lots of different factors which can affect the cost such as the size of the roof space, the number of windows and what you choose to use the accommodation for; adding a bathroom en-suite to a bedroom or fitting another kitchen is always going to bump up the price significantly compared to say just another bedroom or a studio space.

Extending a property to the side or rear can be problematic and that’s if it is possible at all – you might be semi-detached or in a terraced row. Extending to the rear can lose valuable garden space and is expensive so why not convert your attic space or loft? This route is open to almost every householder with a roof void that has the minimum requisite headroom.

Velux loft conversion costs
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With a deepening financial recession already on the way and the gloomiest economic forecasts going forward, one thing that is not going to bounce back quickly is the property market. It wasn’t in great shape before Covid-19 as three years’ uncertainly over Brexit had taken its toll. But why move house with all the cost and hassle when you can extend your current home and one of the most popular ways to do this is with a VELUX roof-window loft conversion. Read more information below to find out more about VELUX roof-window loft conversion costs.

What is a VELUX roof-window loft conversion?

A VELUX roof-window loft conversion refers to the style of windows which share the name and which sit flush in the roofline when closed and let daylight into the newly created accommodation below. This type of conversion is one of the best ways to maximise redundant space and also one of the most economic ways to extend your living area.

What kind of additional accommodation can a VELUX roof-window loft conversion create?

This type of loft conversion has so many different uses depending on your requirements and family life, here are some of the most popular examples:-

  • Create a dedicated home working space rather than trying to squash yourself in around other family activities
  • Use the extra area as a design studio or workspace for a home business
  • Create that home gym you have always craved
  • Add one or two extra bedrooms
  • Create a master bedroom with sky views and an en-suite
  • Add another kitchen and dining area which coupled with a bedroom on the floor below, could make a granny annexe
  • A loft conversion is a great space for a home cinema and frees up a reception room on the ground floor as a home office or for another purpose

Features of a VELUX roof-window conversion

The most attractive feature is the VELUX windows which allow natural light to flood in and make the loft space usable and light; without these windows, it would be hard to create anything like the quality of the environment with reliance purely on artificial lighting.

Most people are familiar with the concept of VELUX windows as they are so commonplace but did you know that you can have VELUX windows which open and shut automatically, powered either by the mains or by solar power? These windows also feature a rain sensor so they will automatically close if it starts raining. Super Sound Insulation can also block out noise pollution by around 50%, ideal if you are in a location where there is a lot of external noise or heavy traffic.

What is a VELUX Cabrio?

A VELUX Cabrio is a VELUX window unit combined with a balcony so you can go from roof window to balcony in just seconds. This is a very special feature which can be whatever you want it to be – the top half opens like a traditional roof window but if you open the bottom section then it becomes a glass-fronted balcony.

The Cabrio is installed just like a skylight. The upper section is top-hung and opens outwards and up whilst the bottom section unfolds into a transparent balcony complete with protective side railings. The VELUX Cabrio can be a real suntrap plus it lets in lots of natural light and ventilation – it really will become a room with a view. And when closed, the VELUX Cabrio fits flush with the roofline. It is a really lovely feature which can maximise large Velux windows which run floor to ceiling in the new space and completely transform a loft conversion.

Factors that affect the cost of a VELUX roof-window loft conversion

The key factors which will affect the cost of your VELUX roof-window loft conversion include:-

  • The size of the roof space to be converted
  • The number of windows you want to add to the roof and their size and type
  • The internal conversion and decoration which has one of the biggest impacts on the overall price

Estimates will be divided broadly into labour and materials and there should be a detailed specification of the works which include a breakdown of the exact conversion into accommodation including the fixtures and fittings.

One of the biggest elements of the cost will be the use you put the new space to; bathrooms and kitchens can easily add between £10,000 and £20,000 to the final cost whereas a simple extra bedroom will be much cheaper.

Are there any additional VELUX roof-window loft conversion cost factors?

There are a few additional factors which can increase the cost including:-

  • If you need planning permission then you will need to add in the fee for the application which is in the region of £200
  • You may need to pay the architect’s fees depending on the scope of the works
  • You might have to have a Party Wall Agreement in place with your neighbors if you share an adjoining wall under the terms of the Party Wall Act 1996. Sometimes, this requires the appointment of a surveyor to represent you and this will incur professional fees and if your neighbor also appoints a surveyor then you may have to cover their costs as well

What is a Party Wall Agreement?

A Party Agreement is written consent between neighbours on the building works you intend to carry out. The 1996 Party Wall Act requires that you inform your neighbours of your intended works and include any plans or drawings plus a programme of when the works are scheduled to take place. For loft conversions, this must be served at least two months before the planned start of works. Not every loft conversion will require a Party Wall agreement but here are some examples of scenarios where you will need one:-

  • Inserting a damp proof course for the whole length of the wall
  • Demolishing and rebuilding part of the wall
  • Cutting the wall and using it as a load-bearing wall for a beam
  • Increasing the thickness or height of the wall
  • Removing a chimney breast from a party wall

What are the steps involved in adding a VELUX roof-window loft conversion?

Once you have chosen a contractor, the roof and loft space need to be inspected and detailed estimates and plans drawn up. This is the likely order that the works will follow:-

  • Joists and floors are reinforced including structural strengthening and any supporting steelwork
  • The Velux windows are installed
  • The staircase is made and fitted to provide access to the loft space from the top storey
  • Electrics and plumbing are installed or moved as appropriate
  • The loft is fitted with insulation
  • Internal partitions are added if there is to be more than one room
  • Plasterboard is installed and any plastering work is completed
  • Carpentry is fitted so doors, architraves, skirting followed by electrical fittings – light switches, power sockets, TV points and smoke detectors
  • Radiators and underfloor heating is installed

What are the pros and cons of a VELUX roof-window loft conversion?

The pros include:-

  • The cost – a VELUX roof-window loft conversion is one of the cheapest of all the different types of loft conversion
  • A VELUX roof-window loft conversion can represent better value for money than a ground floor extension for the accommodation that you can achieve
  • Unless you have a listed property or live in a conservation area then you shouldn’t require planning permission
  • VELUX windows can flood the room with natural light completely transforming a space which otherwise would be dark and gloomy even with the best artificial lighting
  • A VELUX roof-window loft conversion can usually be completed in under four weeks

The Cons include:-

  • Not every house has sufficient headroom in the roof to make a VELUX roof-window loft conversion possible
  • Reaching VELUX windows to open and close them can be problematical in some situations
  • Other types of loft conversions such as a Dormer loft conversion or Mansard loft conversion can offer better headroom and more floor space than a simple VELUX roof-window conversion
  • A VELUX loft roof-window conversion won’t add as much value to your property as one of the other types of loft conversion

What kind of blinds can you buy for a VELUX window?

There are times when you want to cut out some of the sunlight or have some privacy and there are lots of different options available when it comes to bespoke blinds for VELUX windows.

One of the easiest ways to narrow down the choice of blind is to first work out how you would like them to operate; there are three choices, manual, electric and solar. From a design perspective, there are countless different options of ranging from a total blackout to soft diffusion which allows some light through.

VELUX Active allows you to control the blinds from your mobile phone but at the other end of the spectrum, if you want to have manual blinds, then VELUX supply a telescopic control rod which can help you access high up installations.

What is VELUX Active?

VELUX Active is a climate control system which uses smart sensors to continuously monitor the temperature in your loft plus the humidity and the CO2 levels. You can use VELUX Active to open and close your roof windows and blinds allowing instant and fingertip control of your environment.

The sensors monitor the internal climate and will open and close windows and blinds automatically and you can also control the function from your Smartphone. You can pre-programme set routines so that they operate automatically based around your use of the room.

VELUX Roof-Window Loft Conversion Cost Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for a VELUX roof-window conversion?

You won’t normally need planning permission for this type of loft conversion as the windows sit flush with the roof plane and there are normally no structural changes made to the roof. However, if your house is listed and/or in a conservation area then you will probably require planning permission for a loft conversion as it will change the exterior appearance of the roof. This will affect the cost of a VELUX  loft conversion.

How long will a VELUX roof-window conversion take?

This is one of the simplest and therefore the quickest types of loft conversion available. On average, they take less than four weeks from start to finish but this time frame can depend to some extent on your plans for the interior accommodation.

How much headroom do I need in my loft?

The minimum height required is 2.2 metres at the highest point of the roof so if your roof is 2.2metres or more then your loft should be tall enough to convert. The age of the property can have a bearing on this. Victorian houses interestingly tend to be lower than those built from the 1930s onwards. There are other options to create a loft conversion if there is not sufficient headroom like a Mansard loft conversion or even a roof lift but these are more extensive and expensive projects with the latter constituting major construction works attracting a very significant extra cost.

Is there any difference between a regular loft conversion and a VELUX roof-window conversion?

Without the use of VELUX windows then a loft conversion is never going to be as appealing because you will only be able to illuminate the space using electric light. Not only that, but VELUX windows give you views of the sky and the roofline horizon and these can be truly unique in both a rural area and a cityscape. The cost of VELUX roof-window loft conversions tend to be cheaper too.

What is a dormer loft conversion?

Dormer conversions are where the windows – dormer windows – project beyond the roof plane. The two main types of dormer are a gable-fronted dormer also called a gabled dormer and, a Hip roof dormer. Gabled dormers are the most frequently seen type of dormer and consist of a pitched roof of two sloping planes supported by the frame which rises vertically to form a triangular section below the roofline. Sometimes these are called dog house dormers because they resemble a dog kennel. A Hip roof dormer is a roof which slopes upward on the three sides of its structure so there are no vertical ends. The three sloping sides meet and the point is called a hip. If you don’t have enough headroom for a VELUX roof-window loft conversion then a dormer conversion is a viable alternative and it opens up head height and adds more floor space. You can read more about dormer loft conversion prices here. 

How much light does a VELUX window let in?

VELUX windows can provide as much natural light and ventilation as you want – it’s just a question of deciding on the number of windows you required for the plans you have for the interior accommodation. In the summer if you find there is actually too much light coming in then you can use special VELUX blinds to shade or blackout the window.

How long does a VELUX window last?

VELUX windows are guaranteed for 10 years by VELUX whilst any electrical fittings like blinds and shutters are guaranteed for 3 years. An average lifespan of a VELUX window can extend to 20 years and maybe even beyond that.

Is there any maintenance required for VELUX windows?

It is always good practice to have your roof checked annually for wear and tear and other issues which cannot be seen from the ground. Sometimes this can be combined with clearing guttering and maintaining or renewing rainwater goods and this can also be a good occasion to check VELUX windows for any damage or deterioration to either the window or the collar and flashing which surround it.

There are window maintenance kits available from VELUX which offer a range of products that can help take care of your windows and preserve their integrity and good looks.

Can you lock VELUX windows?

It is possible to fit safety locks to VELUX windows although due to their location, this is more unusual than fitting locks to windows on the lower storeys.

Do VELUX windows have trickle vents?

Even when VELUX windows are closed, it is still possible to let some ventilation into the room. VELUX windows are all fitted with a unique ventilation flap which is also sometimes called a trickle vent which allows in a trickle of fresh air even when the window is closed. This can be important in a loft space which doesn’t benefit from the natural airflow found in the rooms on the floors below.

How can I fund a my loft conversion?

Some roofing contractors will offer finance in partnership with lending organisations so in the same way that you can obtain finance to purchase a new car, three-piece suite or white goods. This is subject to status but those with a good deposit to put down might find themselves eligible for zero-interest instalment payments over the following 12 or 24 months to help with the balance.

To cover the cost of a loft conversion, some homeowners approach their mortgage company to borrow money for home improvements against the equity in their home. This is called a Further Advance or Home Improvement loan. There must be sufficient residual equity in the house to support the capital sum and you will need to satisfy the lender’s affordability criteria for the increased monthly payments which are usually added to the main mortgage to run over the remaining term. Equally, you can raise funds on a re-mortgage if you move to a new lender for a better interest rate deal.

Older homeowners who have paid off their mortgage can raise funds on the family home via Equity Release Schemes. These monies don’t just have to be used for home improvements. There are plenty of options to manage or reduce the cost of your Velux loft conversion.

Will a loft conversion add value to my home?

Despite the cost, a  loft conversion will add value to your home although the amount this represents will depend on what you have done with the additional accommodation. A self-contained granny annexe may add more value than two extra bedrooms. A VELUX roof-window loft conversion will add less value than some other conversions which offer more roof space, head height and floor space but then your initial capital outlay will be lower too.

How do you clean a VELUX roof window?

Some VELUX windows are fitted with self-cleaning glazing but even if you don’t have this feature, you can still clean the windows manually. All VELUX windows can be rotated 180 degrees to allow for both safe maintenance and easy cleaning of the glazing pane. The window can be placed into a perfectly safe position which leaves both hands free for cleaning.

Are VELUX windows energy efficient?

The larger panes of glass allow in more solar heat as well as daylight whilst high-performance insulation material reduces heat loss. The windows have a low U-value of 1.2 for a standard window which is an excellent energy efficiency score.

Are VELUX windows good quality?

VELUX windows are manufactured to the highest standards and are a quality product which has many imitators. VELUX has a sister company which make a product called Rooflite which is a more economical alternative to VELUX and does differ slightly in manufacture. VELUX windows have been endlessly copied but there is only one VELUX Group and many roof contractors still recommend them as the best window roofing product on the market.

Are VELUX a British company?

VELUX Group are Danish and were invented in 1942 by a Danish engineer who set out to make the best window possible on a par with a vertical window. The company still has its headquarters in Denmark today.

What are my other loft conversion options?

There are several other loft conversion options should a VELUX not suit your needs. For example:

We hope this information has been useful for finding out prices for a VELUX roof-window loft conversion.