Looking for a local loft conversion specialist?

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Looking for a local loft conversion specialist?

A loft conversion for your home is a winning idea but now that you have settled on a plan, how do you go about finding a loft conversion professional to breathe life into your vision?

You want the best and most experienced team with the knowledge and skill to create an exceptional conversion but at the same time, you don’t want to end up paying over the odds. Loftprices.co.uk can connect you with local loft conversion professionals working in your area and provide you with a range of companies who can quote for your project all available at the click of a button.

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Who we are

Loftprices.co.uk offers an independent and authentic source of local loft conversion professionals; we take care of all the hard work so you don’t have to. This allows you to choose from a selection of companies all keen and ready to complete your project – think of us as a shop window for selected loft conversion professionals.

Loftprices.co.uk will obtain estimates for your project from local companies so all you have to do is sit back and compare them, saving you all the time and of contacting individual installers. Our website also features a range of detailed and educational advice guides written with you, the customer, in mind. These will help you plan your loft conversion so that you are clear on your ideas before you start to obtain estimates. Being informed is a really key part of the process and will assist you in understanding what is possible and who might be the right contractor to help you achieve this.

Send us a photo of your property

Send us a photo of your property and the type of loft conversion you would like to get a more accurate quote.

How does Loftprices.co.uk work?

Loftprices.co.uk has a detailed directory of contractors and loft conversion companies who can supply estimates for your planned loft conversion project. It couldn’t be easier. Just type in your details and we will approach loft conversion companies in your area. Our system is completely secure and without any obligation on your part.

The quotations you receive will cover all elements of your proposed project including labour, materials and professional fees for surveyors and architects if your job requires them.

Will I be bombarded with quotations and enquiries?

No, not at all, Loftprices.co.uk will provide three quotations across a range of selected contractors to give a variety of choice in terms of location, service level and the type of contractor and price. You can apply repeatedly through the site if you decide to change your specification or criteria or, just contact the loft professional that catches your eye and discuss your project with them in person. Use of the site is unlimited helping you to search out the best possible loft conversion professional for your home project.

What kind of loft conversions do we provide quotes on?

You might be fairly certain about the sort of loft conversion you want to have but there is a huge range of options out there depending on the style of your property. Here are some of the most popular loft conversion types and we provide contractors who can quote for all these:-

Regardless of the size or complexity of your job, Loftprices.co.uk will be able to source a range of experienced and professional loft conversion companies to quote for your project.

All quotes are free and without obligation and are only invited from established and authentic companies who are reputable and have a proven track record.

Are the loft conversion companies you recommend insured and accredited?

Loftprices.co.uk, unlike some other platforms and portals, are not just an advertising directory. We thoroughly check each and every company within our portfolio so you will never receive a quotation from a contractor who has not been accredited by the relevant professional body and is uninsured.

Why use Loftprices.co.uk?

We provide total peace of mind that the loft conversion specialists who are quoting for your job are professional, fully insured and have a verifiable history of experience within the industry. Our carefully selected bank of contractors allows you to search and select secure in the knowledge that you are only looking at the best there is on offer. This can end up saving you hundreds if not thousands of pounds as this unique and rapid service allows a quick comparison between contractors and an easy way to contact them to discuss your job further.

Use Loftprices.co.uk and choose from the best.

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