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Looking for loft conversion quotes?

A loft conversion remains one of the most popular home improvement projects in the UK. Often cheaper than a single or full height extension and maximising the use of existing yet redundant space, a loft conversion can offer some of the best value for money and will uplift your property’s value by as much as 25% when complete.

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What should you expect on a loft conversion quote?

A loft conversion quotation should contain a split between labour and materials. The builder or loft conversion company will need to work closely with the plans and architect’s drawings especially if your design is complicated in order to accurately cost out the works. There may also be ancillary charges such as hiring costs for scaffolding and waste disposal charges particularly if you are having the roof substantially altered to fit dormer windows or a mansard conversion.

There may be elements to the work that you haven’t necessarily thought of, for instance, if you have a cold water header tank in your loft then this will need complete relocation. The central heating will need to be extended to heat the new space and if you are fitting a kitchen or bathroom in the new accommodation then plumbing and water will also have to be installed. For some people, this might mean buying a completely new boiler which is a large additional cost. However, if your aspirations for the new space are more modest then these additional costs may not trouble you.

The loft conversion company’s quotation should be complete and accurate down the last detail but there will be ancillary costs which are not always that obvious and which won’t appear on the quote simply because it is not the responsibility of the company to identify or manage these charges.

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What are the other costs associated with a loft conversion?

There are other costs which will be incurred and which will not appear on the official estimate because they do not form part of the quotation and this can catch people out as they soon add up. These may include all or some of the following:-

  • Architect’s fees for the drawings, on average between £800 and £1,000
  • The application fee for planning permission; not every loft conversion requires planning permission, it is only the very simple roofline conversions which may fall within the Permitted Development regulations or PD and if your house is listed or within a conservation area then even a simple conversion will require consent. The fee is just under £200
  • The drawings have to be submitted to the local Building’s Inspector who will set up stage inspections to ensure the works, as they progress, comply with building regulations. The fee for this inspection is anywhere between £500 and £1,000
  • If your property is terraced or semi-detached then you will probably need to obtain your neighbour/s agreement to the works under the provisions of the 1996 Party Wall Act. Usually, this is managed by your surveyor or architect but if your neighbour appoints their own surveyor as they are entitled to do under the terms of the legislation then you will also be liable to pay their professional fees

How can you find a reputable loft conversion company to quote for your project?

There are other costs which will be incurred and which will not appear on the official estimate because they do not form part of the quotation and this can catch people out as they soon add up. These may include all or some of the following:-

  • Obtain a recommendation from a friend or family member
  • Use social media to ask local community groups for recommendations – people seem only too happy to share their experiences online both good and bad and if you find a local recommendation then you might even be able to go and see work they have done in your neighbourhood for someone else
  • Use a platform like They have a bank of trusted traders who are verified and authenticated and who can provide three quotations for your project just at the click of a button. All you do is enter a few details into the secure system and wait for your estimates to arrive

How many quotes should you obtain?

However you obtain your quotes, it is always recommended that you obtain a minimum of three quotations to make sure you have the right range of pricing and a degree of choice between different companies. You might be surprised at the variation in price for the same job. You can, of course, obtain more than three quotations and often people do this for two main reasons:-

  • They have a budget and have yet to receive a quotation that falls within it
  • They are happy with the quoted prices but feel they have not yet come across the right firm for the project

It is really important that you do not make your final decision of contractor based solely on price; the best company for your job may not necessarily be the cheapest. It is important to choose someone who you think you can work with, remember, you will be spending probably at least £20,000 heading northwards to £40,000 possibly even more so you need to make sure you have the right people for the job.

What can you do if you just can’t get a quote within your budget?

If you have your heart set on a loft conversion but all of the quotes you receive are over budget then there are things you can do to lower the cost of the conversion without abandoning it altogether. These include:-

  • Altering the interior design to something more affordable; the biggest element of any loft conversion is the internal accommodation which can literally double the cost. So, if you are thinking of adding a kitchen or a bathroom then think again, you might be able to cut the conversion costs in half
  • Change the design so this usually means altering the style of the windows and either making them smaller or having fewer of them. It is important to strike a balance however as you don’t want to end up with a space which is dark and gloomy. Choosing a bad layout and not including sufficient dormer windows is often top of people’s lists of loft conversion regrets
  • If you have sufficient headroom already then perhaps lower your ambitions to literally raise the roof. Raising the height of the roof, adding skylights and windows and other structural changes will considerably increase the cost so if you can stand up in the space already then perhaps be content with that. You could always push the boundaries later on when funds permit so consider the conversion in two stages
  • Project manage the loft conversion yourself, this can save money on the build costs and you can manage all the different tradesmen too. It does require someone with the right organisational skills and the time to devote to keeping the project on track so this would not be an option for everyone. There can be quite complex management for logistics, deliveries and the day to day running of the site but if you are up to the job then it can save a considerable amount of money
  • Consider the position of the plumbing. If you are adding a bathroom to your loft conversion then its location could considerably impact on the cost. If you can, site it directly above the pipework on the floor below as this will necessitate much less re-routing of the plumbing across the loft space with a consequent cost saving

Talk to your chosen loft conversion contractor about ways you can lower their quote to fall within your budget, there are usually lots of modifications you can make to sensibly lower the price.

What should you do before you accept the quotation of your choice?

Before you accept any quotation, check out the company’s credentials with any trade bodies that are relevant or which appear on their letterhead. Also, ask them about the warranties they provide for the work, how many there are and how long they last for.

Make sure you are provided with the full quotation in writing and this should include every last detail of the job so there are no nasty surprises further down the line. Then agree your payment terms. It is usual form to pay a deposit which would represent a percentage of the overall cost and then stage payments as the different elements of the work are completed to your satisfaction. You could ally these with the visits from the Building Inspector who will sign off that the works are compliant with building regulations at different points in the project. However, this will not include the final interior installation and decoration as his role finishes at this point. Only ever release the final payment when you are completely happy with the work and any snags or glitches have been remedied.

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